Sunday, 2 September 2012

Last few days training update

Well Thursday was a good day for training, started at 6am teaching a Spinning class which was a full hour of intervals, mega hard but good, then in the afternoon I had a 1-1 session of Thai Boxing, this was hard, I was worn out just after the warm up, really looking forward to my next session though, then just to top the day off I had another Spinning class to teach at 6pm, which again was a full hour of non stop intervals and sprints.  So all in all Thursdays training day was good.

Onto Friday and I started the day off with a heavy leg session, my legs were in bits before I even started this from the previous days training but you just have to press on and I managed to get through it.  Then onto yet another Spinning class, I decided to increase the intensity of this one, just to be cruel and we did a full 70 minute session!!

Saturday morning and it was 7am and time for a mega intense workout at Extreme Conditioning Huddersfield, this was tough but well worth it.

Sunday 7am and again time for a session at Extreme Conditioning Huddersfield, struggled this morning as feeling very tired, but did it and feeling great now.

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