Sunday, 2 September 2012

Last few days training update

Well Thursday was a good day for training, started at 6am teaching a Spinning class which was a full hour of intervals, mega hard but good, then in the afternoon I had a 1-1 session of Thai Boxing, this was hard, I was worn out just after the warm up, really looking forward to my next session though, then just to top the day off I had another Spinning class to teach at 6pm, which again was a full hour of non stop intervals and sprints.  So all in all Thursdays training day was good.

Onto Friday and I started the day off with a heavy leg session, my legs were in bits before I even started this from the previous days training but you just have to press on and I managed to get through it.  Then onto yet another Spinning class, I decided to increase the intensity of this one, just to be cruel and we did a full 70 minute session!!

Saturday morning and it was 7am and time for a mega intense workout at Extreme Conditioning Huddersfield, this was tough but well worth it.

Sunday 7am and again time for a session at Extreme Conditioning Huddersfield, struggled this morning as feeling very tired, but did it and feeling great now.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Good Day Training
Had a really good day, training wise today.  Started the morning off with some heavy weights doing chest and back with my training partner Ange over at Body In Design, then did a circuit session at Extreme Conditioning Huddersfield.  Trying something different this time rather than 2 cardio sessions every day. Tonight I have a Spinning class to teach which will be a really hard full hour of not stop intervals so that will make up for no cardio this morning.

Food all good today onwards and upwards goals to reach!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Time to get back into it!

Well I have had far too long off my diet following the NPA Yorkshires back in May and I really need to push myself to get back into the shape I was in back then.

Started this morning with a Spinning class at 6am which is the first of today's cardio sessions, then back home for some much needed poached eggs with asparagus and green beans.  Need to get another cardio session in today ideally but hard when the children are off school.  Tings will be easier next week when they are back at school as I can get back into my routine.

Diet going well, back to clean eating now as having time of has really made me feel sluggish and gain a few too many pounds but I have my head back on and I back with a good positive attitude!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Well my new website is up and running thanks to Janet at Recreative Web Design Huddersfield.

I will be posting details of my own training leading upto my competition on 26th May 2012.  I will give you training and diet tips on here also.